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Liz Mitchell - sanctuaryofpraise
(CD Dove House Records Ltd. DHR 0002 CD) (1999)

(Liz Mitchell / Thomas Pemberton / Robert Bailey)

2.GOOD TIMING (3'59)
(Thomas Pemberton / Winston Delandro)

(John Baccini / Mike Leslie)

4.MY LOVE'S A SHIP (3'47)
(Robert Bailey)

5.SUNSHINE (4'34)
(Liz Mitchell / Thomas Pemberton / Winston Delandro)

6.007 (SHANTY TOWN) (6'07)
(Desmond Dekker)

7.SAYAMANDA (4'49)
(André Tanken)

8.FUN OUT OF LIFE (3'38)
(Leslie Burke)

9.MUSIC (4'33)
(Liz Mitchell / Thomas Pemberton / Winston Delandro)

10.LOVE TRAIN (3'10)
(Duke Reid / new text by: Liz Mitchell / Thomas Pemberton)

(Adapted by Liz Mitchell)

Produced by : Thomas Pemberton and Liz Mitchell

Co produced by : Winston Delandro and Robert Bailey

Backing vocals : Liz Mitchell, Carol Grey, Lorna Patricia Foster, Harrow Gospel Choir, Jacinth Mitchell, Ma-V-Elle, Nikki Pearson, Susanna Stoddar

Brass section : Bud Beadle, Colin Graham, Fayaz Virji

Drums : Richard Bailey, Godgfrey McLean

Percussion : Tony Maroni, Godfrey McLean, Henry goabi

Bass : Paul Powell, Derek Chi, Michael Bailey

Piano : Robert Bailey, Paul Powell

Guitar : Winston Delandro

Strings : The Mellania

Engineer : John Thompson (Flava)

Mixed by : Paul Powell

“My Love's A Ship” mixed by Mike Pelanconi

Recorded at : Dove House Studio

Cover photography : Han Lee de Boer

Flower photography : Peter Moree

After a long period Liz Mitchell returns with a fantastic solo album which once again proves her talent and unique recognisable voice.
Her first solo album in years includes several reggae / Jamaican influences, but also gospel, ballads and dance songs are included. “Share The World” was the first album to be recorded in Liz's private recording studio “Dove House Studio”, and released on her own label “Dove House Records”.
Liz was inspired to record songs like “007” and “Love Train” after listening to the 4CD boxset “The Story Of Jamaican Music” (5183992 Island/Mercury). She also went back to her roots with “Grandmother's Song”, a song which Liz's grandmother taught her when she was a child back on Jamaica. With “My Love's A Ship” Liz has recorded one of her most beautiful ballads. This song has a wonderful strings arrangement.
This album is the first album on which Liz records with her group members of Boney M. feat. Liz Mitchell, Carol Grey and Patricia “Lorna” Foster on backing vocals. Also Liz's sister Jacinth Mitchell joined the backing choir on this album. Jacinth already did backing vocals in the ‘70's during Boney M.'s spectacular live shows.
Originally one more track called “Fools (Don't Know Nothing)” was recorded during the “Share The World” sessions and was intended to be included on this release. However, shortly before the CD went in production, Thomas and Liz decided to remove the song. “Fools” is an autobiographical song about people who misjudged Liz in the past. This track features Liz as a rapper!
“Share The World” includes some of Liz Mitchell's finest moments as a singer and became her most personal album to date!  
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