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Liz Mitchell, the lead singer of Boney M, was born in Jamaica and came to England at the age of eleven. When asked how she felt about the move from Jamaica to England she said, 'In my daydreams I saw beautiful big white houses with perfect green lawns and trees that were green and shaded, as it was in Jamaica. But arriving in England I was deeply disappointed; everything was grey, foggy and wet!'

Liz eventually adapted to her new life in England, setting up a vocal group, 'The Sensational Chandeleers' with school friends Janet, Velma, Collette and Diana. Their performances were mainly at parties and schools.

Liz first realised that she got people's attention with her singing when she harmonised with Sam Cooke playing on the juke box in a coffee shop owned by her parents in North West London. A customer heard her and asked if she could do some backing vocals for him at an audition he was doing.

Liz was noticed by the interviewer/agent at the auditions and was also offered a chance to audition for the show. Her Mum said she was too young to perform and wouldn't grant permission for Liz to go forward with these plans. So after finishing school, Liz went to a technical college to study secretarial work going on to work as a secretary in a food company in central London.

The agent didn't give up on Liz and the strangest thing happened. In 1970, after three years, Liz received a call from the same agent (June Baden-Semper of the Pearl Conner agency). June rang her at home and asked if she was ready to sing professionally. Liz jumped at the offer and auditioned for a leading role in the musical 'Hair' which was due to tour in both Germany and England. Liz's talent shone through and she was offered roles in both productions. A girl in her neighbourhood, Jennifer, with whom Liz was friendly, was also to perform in the same show in Berlin. Liz opted to accompany Jennifer and went on tour with the Berlin cast. Once in Berlin she took over Donna Summer's part in 'Hair'. The role was that of 'Donna'

Shortly after that Liz Mitchell joined The Les Humphries Singers with huge hits like “To My Fathers House” “Mama Loo” and “Mexico”. In 1974 Liz and lead singer/boyfriend Malcolm Magaron left The Les Humphries Singers to start their own group Malcolm Locks to record the album “Caribbean Rock”. Unfortunately it was not very successful, as Germany was not ready for reggae at that time.
Though supported by many of her German friends, Liz decided to move back to England and continue with her education. It was in this period where Liz developed her faith and belief in God.

Then in 1975 Liz Mitchell was offered to become the lead singer of a new German group produced by Frank Farian; Boney M.
Being the lead singer of Boney M., Liz Mitchell reached the top of the worlds pop charts with a string of timeless and legendary hits like “Daddy Cool”, “Sunny”, “Rivers Of Babylon”, “Brown Girl In The Ring”, “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord”, “El Lute”, “I’m Born Again” and “Hooray! Hooray!” and golden and platinum albums like “Take The Heat Off Me”(’76), “Love For Sale” (’77), “Nightflight To Venus” (’78), “Oceans Of Fantasy” (’79), “The Magic Of Boney M.” (’80), “Boonoonoonoos” (’81) and the beautiful “Christmas Album” (’81). It was on Liz’s demand that each Boney M. album included at least one Inspirational song. With hits like “Mary’s Boy Child”, “Motherless Child”, “I’m Born Again” and “Rivers Of Babylon” Liz Mitchell and Boney M. introduced Inspirational music to a crossover pop audience. As lead singer of Boney M., Liz Mitchell was part of one of the most successful groups in the history of pop music, which earned them a place in the Guinness Book Of Records.

After 10 record-breaking years with many hits and successful tours all over the world Boney M. finally split in 1986.

In the late ‘80’s, shortly after a Boney M. reunion remix album with Stock, Aitken & Waterman, Liz Mitchell started her solo career with her first solo album “No One Will Force You” which was released in France, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia and South Africa. In the early ‘90’s Liz Mitchell was asked as only original member to promote the Boney M. compilations “Gold” and “More Gold” (which included 4 brandnew tracks recorded by Liz Mitchell and Frank Farian) with a new line up of Boney M. This made Boney M. being a group being succesful and visible in the music charts during the 70’s, 80’s ánd ‘90’s. This new line up, Boney M. feat. Liz Mitchell (Liz Mitchell, Carol Grey, Patricia Lona Foster and Tony “Tony Tony” Ashcroft) is still today one of the worlds most popular live acts with succesful tours all over the world..
Several solo Liz Mitchell recordings followed during the ‘90’s including the acclaimed Inspirational album “A Christmas Rose” in 2000, released on Dove House Records. This album also included the Liz Mitchell penned song “I Want To Go To Heaven”, which gained airplay on Gospel and Christian radio and TV channels.

Religion is a central part of Liz’s life, and she has a strong and true belief in God. Liz has always expressed these sensitive beliefs and strongly supported her spiritual values. It is possible that some may question the Godly belief that Liz has, having sung songs like “Love For Sale” and “Daddy Cool”, and one may also question the very famous sleeve of the second Boney M album. As it is God that Liz believes in and not the title of a religion one cannot look at the surface to judge one’s soul. Therefore, her trust remains in God.

As the singer of “Rivers of Babylon” and “Mary’s Boy Child”, Liz is convinced that the old Jamaican traditionals, with lyrics straight from the Bible, became so huge because of the truth that lies in the songs and because everybody can relate to them.
Liz Mitchell’s album “Let It Be”, released on Dove House Records, is Liz’s most Inspirational album to date and stands out because of it’s great songs, a wonderful, warm and open production, a beautiful cover, and Liz’s powerful voice which sounds better than ever.
In 2005 Liz Mitchell released her 5th solo album entitled “Liz Mitchell Sings The Hits Of Boney M.” on Dove House Records/Popron Music. On this brandnew album Liz Mitchell pays tribute to some of the greatest songs of the group that made her famous. But the songs aren’t simply re-recordings of the old hits; all the songs are recorded with the Czech Orchestra in new arrangements.

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