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A Great Man
Tribute To Nelson Mandela More >>>
Adero Saran
Adero Saran
Adero is an extremely talented singer and entertainer. She can light up any stage and give a superior performane all the time. her soulful voice is already admired and noted by many. she is an inspiration and a talent to look out for in the future
The Supernovaheroes
The supernovaheroes is a concept rock band inflenced by rocks most popular iconic well known bands.
Blak Magik
A new concept really out there in the field of Hip-Hop Music.New artists being signed up. Perfomances around the Uk in various established venues.
BlakMagik was formed by Twan Pemberton, the youngest Son of pop sensational group Boney M. He is the Son of Liz Mitchell one of the Groups Member who does solo performances now with her own group, performing as a former member of Boney M and has signitured her own label.Liz Mitchell.
Blak Magik is the place where new original artists are formed and signed up.
Tribute To Nelson Mandela
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